Saturday, May 5, 2012

Take Charge, Make Decisions and Take Action!

If I don't blog every day my reader stats go down ... so now I am this committed blogging maniac always trying to find something to say that anyone would care about. Now I am blogging in stream of consciousness ... and all you bloggers out there who blog for your business, try and keep up (wink ... and kidding).

I have this fantastic life, and I have to share some realizations that I hope will help others going through transitions. I have been going through a bunch of stuff lately, and yesterday was a HUGE shift. I took charge of some issues that were dragging me down. If I can help you all with anything at all, here is my advice: never leave something to indecision. Indecision drags you down, and it can become an albatross around your neck. I finally made some very specific, decisive moves. Second, I had been in reaction mode on a number of levels. Sometimes you need to take charge and empower yourself to get out ahead of stuff. And when in a difficult situation, don't let other people dictate anything to you. You always have to figure stuff out on your own. Do not rely on others to do anything for you, because that leaves you with a sense of helplessness. I'm not big on feeling helpless. And I am nobody's victim for sure. So take charge, make some decisions, and take action.

Now that I've done those things, I feel completely better and quite contented. I have clarity on some other things in my life, too. I'm going to do what I'm going to do. It's not about being selfish or unaware; but at the end of the day when the cup has drained, it needs to be refilled, but not to the point where it spills over. You have to recharge your batteries. I love this analogy a fantastic girlfriend told me, "If you were on an airplane and it was going down. You have to grab the oxygen mask for yourself first and then you take care of your child." What a powerful thought. So I realized I needed to take care of myself first, grab the oxygen mask, and then I could take care of my loved ones. Wow! It's great when God puts amazing people in my path. And BTW, there are no accidents!!!

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