Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who-Cares Saturday!

Do you think I should write something serious today? It's Saturday ... I don't think Saturday should be serious. It's supposed to be my day off. I have to confess something: I usually take time off during the week and work on Saturdays. Why? Because Saturday is quiet and I can get the most focused work done. I will be proofing the book Fortune is in the Follow-Up by Heidi BK Sloss all day today. The phone doesn't ring on Saturdays. I don't have a million emails coming in. I don't have text messages to answer. The downtime to concentrate is marvelous. My only meandering thought is when to get dressed and run a few errands. Do you have a brain that goes a million miles per hour? I do! So, the peaceful energy of Saturday lets me slow down. Now you're reading this and thinking, who cares? Yep, who cares LOL.

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