Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Call to All Insecure Writers!

All writers who feel insecure about their work, raise your hand. Okay, all writers reading this probably raised their hands or at least chuckled to themselves. Here is a really funny one for you. I am the CEO of 3L Publishing, and I've published five of my own books. I've won literary awards. And yes, I am an insecure writer. A dear friend of mine who is also a successful writer turns in each chapter of his book to me, and he then eagerly awaits comment. He, too, even with his success has joined the "Insecure Writers Club." Now it's one thing to feel insecure about your work. It's another thing to allow your insecurity to paralyze you and prevent you from publishing. You have to just write and accept that not everyone is going to love your work. I know it's hard. I face the demon every day yet I still write. I have to write -- it is who I am. Writing brings me peace. When I write I'm in the zone. So, if I allowed my insecurities to determine whether or not I write something, I would deprive myself of my art -- and get this ... I would deprive the world of my art, too. My best advice for all insecure writers out there: just get over it. Just write! And don't be afraid to publish it otherwise what is the point. Who are you writing for anyway?

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