Friday, October 12, 2012

Advice on Memoir Writing

Sitting here staring at a blank screen ... just start writing ... okay, what can I say to help people who are in business ... maybe I should just tell you what I did last night ... whoops! Nope! Not going to do that. The world doesn't get to hear about my private life ... okay, there is a great topic: How to write about your life in memoir and not offend half your family. First, you have to realize that if you don't get family members to sign up for your version of the truth, they can sue you for defamation. So, if you're going to write your "version" of the story then get them to sign a release. If they are dead you're fine. If they're alive and they don't like your version of the story, you will have to back off or run the liability of a lawsuit. Now if your story is amazing and upbeat, you won't have much of problem. Telling your parents you love them doesn't draw too much wrath. Telling your parents they screwed you up, well, that might "bring it on," as it were. I always think you should save the "book of revelations" memoir for after someone it affects has past. Just some sage words of advice from a publisher who won't publish a memoir that is wide open for the courts.

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