Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Key Marketing Tools

Do you know what I consider my two most valuable marketing tools? My blog and newsletter. Here is why ...

Blog: a blog refreshes and keeps your website at the top of the search engines without having to do search engine optimization. You constantly add keywords to your "labels" and keep your company name and presence on the Internet refreshed. Now couple this with education-based marketing, which enables you to keep your prospective clients or customers informed but not pitched to. You don't want to pitch, but rather provide information about why your services are valuable to your client by educating them about how things works vs. selling them something. Blogs enable education-based marketing and keep your name on the top of the search engines.

Newsletter: I've been doing my newsletter weekly for the last six years. Every Sunday my readers can count on seeing First Word (you can sign up at arrive in their in-boxes. This tool acts as an ongoing follow-up mechanism to keep my name and company in front of readers. They may not need my services now, but they could need them in the future. Who do you think my prospects are going to go to? A nameless, faceless publisher and marketing expert or to the company and person they read about every week?

A blog and newsletter are two key tools each business owner should have in their arsenals. If you are not a writer then hire one of 3L Publishing's professional editors and writers to do your blog and newsletter for you.

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