Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Lazy River of Life ...

I have a dear friend who is like my armchair philosopher. I love his very mature, seasoned and fantastic outlook on life. He (without effort) teaches me amazing life lessons. Every time we talk casually (seemingly casually) about life and the events unfolding in front of us, he shares something and I feel enlightened. One thing I've learned from him is you can't force things -- and the best relationships in life are those where you go with the flow. Jump into the current and go with it. I have a mind that works 100 mph and sometimes it's hard to relax and go with it. I tend to overanalyze and try to understand and ask the never-ending question, "Why?" Sometimes why is futile. You can't know why. And banging your head against "Y" is like hitting your head on the tree trunk of the "Y" -- and it hurts and gives you a major headache LOL. Maybe that's why the letter has a trunk ;). You have to sometimes let go and not bang your head lest you end up with a concussion or worse go into a coma. Now I'm totally kidding, but the truth is, sometimes there is no answer. You just have to start by dipping your toe into the Lazy River and eventually just move to the middle where the current flows and go with it. If you can adopt that outlook on life you will be much happier. I know I am.

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