Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just When You Think You've Got it Figured Out

Life has a wonderful way of not just throwing curve balls but just lobbing unexpected things at you. I always find it interesting -- and in fact exciting that when I think one thing another thing happens. I just had an astrological reading done by Maridel Bowes who does what are called transients and progressions. You might not believe in astrology and think it's dome great '70s pick-up line, "Hey baby, what's your sign?" until you have your chart done by someone who is a skilled astrologer. You know Nostradamus was an "astrologer." Maybe you don't believe in him either … that's okay to each his or her own. Well, I had my chart done, and the revelations were marvelous. The last year's drastic and often sudden changes made a whole lot of sense when I found out what was on my chart. I believe she said I had seven different alignments all under relationships. She said that when I was done with this phase it would be like having a Ph.D. in relationships. I was also and have been experiencing a major 30-year shift. Ah, now I get why all of the drastic transitions are going on. And believe me it's all drastic. In any event, every time I turn around there is this ebb and flow of never-ending changes and surprises. Most of them have been happy surprises, too. Sometimes you have to let go. You have to jump in the river on your lazy-river tube and just see where it takes you. You might go through some gentle bounces, maybe some rapids, and then hopefully in the easy current. I keep hitting these ripples that seem to ricochet my experiences off and down forks in the river, too. Ah, but as my dear friend suggests, "Don't fight it. Go with it."

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