Monday, October 22, 2012

Positivity for the Payoff

My mantra: I make a lot of money easily and frequently I am grateful for everything I have.

Today's blog is an exercise in the power of the mind to stay positive. 3L Publishing has gone through some transitions and changes. My move down south and personal challenges wrought havoc on the company. So now I am in rebuild mode. When faced with challenges, the best mindset is to know you can do it. Use what the time-tested book The Secret teaches. Focus on making money and not on the bills piling up. The more you focus on making money, the more money you will make -- and the reverse happens, too. What you think most about you attract, so pay attention to what you're thinking about. Are you thinking about the bills? Or are you thinking about opportunities and ways to make money? Also, a good friend of mine taught me this about money: Are your bills paid today? Then what are your worried about? Tomorrow hasn't come. Today is today. The bills are paid. It's all good. So keep a positive mindset. Use my mantra. Mantras are powerful. They are like running a string of positive energy through your brain. Stay positive. Stay winning. Know you can do it -- and you will do it.

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