Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Reasons Why Business Owners Should Write a Book

Nothing can enhance your credibility and promote your business better than a book. A book is 10 times better than a brochure -- and depending on who creates your brochure and whether it's full color or not, a brochure can actually cost more money. Yes, I have had some business owners show me brochures that cost them $10 a copy just to print it up. A book can cost anywhere between $2-$3 a copy. Here are three reasons you should write a book about your area of expertise in business:

Credibility = Expertise = Speaking Gigs
The fact that you wrote a book makes you an expert. "An expert?" you cry. Yes, a book makes you an instant expert. You knew enough to write the book, right? Well, what do experts get asked to do? Share their expertise with others. You will automatically get asked to speak to groups about your book.

Speaking Gigs = Exposure = Opportunities
When you get up in front of a room to speak, what happens? People focus on you. They learn more about you and your business. Speaking exposes people to you and your business. Exposure leads to increased visibility and more opportunities to do business.

Opportunities = More Business = Increased Profits
If you play it right, you will have people walk up to talk to you after you speak. They will very likely ask for your business card. Leverage that chance and ask for their business cards, too. Ask to meet over coffee. You will then have an opportunity to build relationships. Relationships typically lead to business. And of course, more business means success.

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