Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Times at 3L Publishing

I don't feel like being serious today, so I won't how is that? A friend of mine called last night and he observed my keen ability to entertain myself as I cracked up over my own ridiculous humor. Yes, I am willing and able to make myself laugh. Not sure, though, that my audience is equally as entertained. I will keep trying. They say laughter cures all ills. I will tell you this much as true: it always makes me feel better. Just so all my readers know I am always a reliable source of entertainment. Listen to our radio show First Word Radio located on the 3L Publishing website (see blue dashboard), and we generally share lots of wisdom and plenty of giggles to go round. The show is done in a conversational, open format. From a marketing standpoint, we developed the show to give prospective clients and authors a sort of voyeuristic view into what it's like to work with my team. If you listen to enough shows, you'll see we are casual, fun, but knowledgable and professional. Who wants to work with a stick in the sad sack when you can work with someone and enjoy the process? And let me just make this one observation about working out of a home office: lawn mowers and weed eaters from the gardener are not a girl's best friend. It's hot and now I have to close the window. Who invented the contraptions? Oh yeah, I'm sorry I guess we all need manicured lawns and well "weed-eaten" flower beds. Fine ... mow away! And if you want to get your publishing or marketing needs met, send me an email at, and I promise to make you laugh ... or shoot the lawnmower guy ;).

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