Friday, October 26, 2012

How Should You Price Your eBook?

The representative from Smashwords visited our amazing Writers Who Mean Business meeting and shared his well-earned wisdom on the eBook market. An important point came out about pricing your eBook higher or lower. He noted that at the price point of $2.99 versus $9.99 that the quantity of sales at the higher price point was much lower. Yes, he conceded you make more money but you sell fewer books. At the lower price point you sell more copies at a lower price, but in selling more copies, it comes out the same price-wise, but you have reached more readers, and over time more readers creates a snowball effect. They tell their friends -- and you continue to build an all-important following. You earn the same amount of sales or perhaps more as word of mouth spreads, and if you end up with a solid following (aka fans), you can increase your price point on the second or even third book. You can also create a solid following by selling the first book in your series for free and then when you're ready to put a price on the second book, you have built-in demand for your books. Interesting isn't it?

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