Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why a Hybrid Publisher is Perfect for New Authors

The reality of traditional publishing today is that you either have to have a name or a great platform that you can prove a following to get published. New and emerging authors who have no track records or credibility typically get ignored by the big publishing houses. Many of these authors turn to my company 3L Publishing for help to get their feet in the door.

Why do you want to work with a company like 3L Publishing if you're seeking a "home" for your book and you're a new author? Here is why:

  • A hybrid like 3L that only publishes high-quality books and discerns between good and poorly written manuscripts (we act as a gatekeeper) doesn't carry the stigma of self-published outfits. With our reputation for only publishing often award-winning books, we give your book the necessary credibility with the book reviewers to receive fair and equitable reviews.
  • A relationship with 3L gives the author the much-needed opportunity to build that platform and foundation that can then segue to a future relationship with a traditional publisher.
  • Because authors pay for the service they consume, they receive much higher royalty rates, ranging from 35 to 100 percent (depending on the sales channel). These high royalties allow authors to see a rapid return on investment.
  • Authors who use their books to support businesses, see a much quicker and higher return on investment. The first day I released my book on publishing, Vanity Circus, I ran into an author, gave it to her and we formed an instant business relationship, which within a day repaid my investment AND made it profitable. 
  • A hybrid publisher like 3L gives authors EVERYTHING a traditional publisher would provide, such as distribution into bookstores via our highly reputable distributor Baker and Taylor. 
Does this sound like the deal you have been looking for to publish your book. Are you tried of hearing "no" versus "yes" when you query publishers? Turn your no into a yes. Contact us today at 916-300-8012 or send email to 

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