Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's New from 3L Publishing this Spring

I love the spring time, and spring is summer release book season. We're having a busy winter at 3L Publishing preparing for the production of the late spring and summer releases. We have quite an interesting array of projects under way and I thought I would share our "what's next" in spring and summer releases.

Spring and Summer Releases -- Fiction
Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts -- finally! The release of the much-anticipated Vengeance aka as VIN. This erotic-thriller takes readers on a dark adventure with down-and-out former police detective and private investigator turned gigolo Tate Holloway who finds himself framed murder by an infamous serial killer whose moniker is "The Eye". VIN is book one of the Tate Holloway series, and introduces readers to the roguish and sarcastic Holloway, whose brutal flaws run deep, but his humor, devotion to his former partner, and sense of justice redeem him. 3L Publishing expects this book to be the big winner this buying season. The book is so well written and lures readers into a true page-turner experience.

California Girl Chronicles: Brea's Big Break by Michelle Gamble -- and here she comes again! Brea finishes what she starts in book one. The book was written last year before the author's divorce, which delayed its release to 2013. The intrepid Brea pursues her dreamboat producer Kale after capsizing the romance in book one. In between, she dabbles in romance and erotic fun with a new playboy named Ryan and ends up stalked by a mysterious foe who has no love for her randy lifestyle. This book is more complicated than book one and merges several great sub-plots as Brea starts to grow up and grow into her life. California Girl Chronicles is really a coming-of-age series mixed with a lot of great romantic trysts. It's definitely a great beach book.

Death Grip by Marissa Hartman -- our first paranormal romance. In Death Grip, Hartman's debut romance novel, we are introduced to Gavin and Lucy whose romantic escapes take on a true spiritual quality that keeps readers rooting for the impossible. Deftly but sweetly written by the intrepid Hartman who shows off her great potential as a formidable romance writer, Death Grip will be a fluffy, wine-sipper's, hot tub read for purist escapist bliss.

Fairy Wisdom by Sarah Jane Alexander -- is the most unusual book to be released in early summer. I'm not sure if I should label this book fiction or non-fiction. You will see ... it's a little undefinable. The author has written an interesting piece of environmental and political wisdom about how "humans" treat the "Earth" and offers a liberal take on improvements. If you support things like anti-animal cruelty, clean energy, and natural remedies for health cures, you will be in good company of "Fairies" -- and one who goes by the name of Oberon who has a thing or two to tell you.

Harmonic Wars by D.B. Stearns -- how can I possibly describe this book in a sentence or two? If you like Game of Thrones and many worlds and alien experiences, this book will be for you. It crosses Star Wars with an Indiana Jones adventure and sets up what will become an extended series. It's complex, adventurous, interesting, fierce, imaginative, creative and captivating.

Spring and Summer Releases -- Non-Fiction

It's All About Millimeters by Dr. Donna Galante -- did you know that if you use what Dr. Galante refers to as a "millimeter approach" to change, you can do anything!  This well-thought-out gem teaches readers how tiny steps can make HUGE changes to your life, be it a personal or professional change. She delves into ways to improve business and family life. This book is a refreshingly simple self-help book that will inspire thousands to change their lives in the simplest way.

30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations by Elisa Taylor -- this book has been a work-in-progress since we had to compile 30 vacations, but it was worth the wait. This book takes readers on 30 family vacations that left an indelible impression in the minds of the families. Each location shares a personal family story and the narrative then describes the overall destination. Informative and deeply personal, the family stories add the much-needed heart and personal impression about the vacations and suck readers into the experiences.

Topless in Europe by Tamara Williams -- ever go into the mind of an Alfa Romeo? Not only does new Sophomore author Williams take readers into the mind of her "female" nemesis, her husband's beloved Alfa Romeo, but in doing so takes you on a grand tour of Europe -- all through the car's eyes! This unique book is a wonderful travel tale told via the couple's car. An unforgettable read, this book is a charmer.

Fiddyment Family Book (working title) -- this beautiful book in pictures will chronicle the Fiddyment family, a pioneering family who settled in Lincoln, Ca. Local history buffs and enthusiasts will adore this personal and true story about the famous Fiddyment family.

Books in Editorial Development for Fall/Winter 2013 (these are working titles)
  • Daughter of the Caribbean, part II by Norma Jennings
  • The Red Bikini by Lisa Paragary Engelken
  • Touring Northern California and Southern Oregon by Louise Doolittle
  • White paper/booklet on cholesterol by John Bakos
So you can see 3L Publishing will be very busy throughout the year. We have many other exciting projects under discussion, too. Look for 2013 to put 3L on the map as a premiere publisher in Northern California. If you're ready to move forward with your book, contact us today at 916-300-8012 or send an email to info@3LPublishing.com. 

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