Monday, March 25, 2013

The Funniest Advertisements

Over the years, I've seen some pretty funny stuff. I am a road-preneur and travel quite a bit. I recently saw a company name that reminded me of all of the other funny businesses I've seen. I thought I would take this opportunity to make you laugh about them. Here we go ...

Areola's -- Yes, while driving home from a business meeting I drove behind a truck that had a big sign that read: Areola's ... huh? Is that spelled right, I thought. Upon a closer inspection, yep! Spelled perfectly and rightly. With the realization that this person named their company after a private area on the body, I burst out laughing. How does one position that tagline? Right on target ... see the target ... it's under the bra? LOL ... and then I wondered, What does Areola's sell? No idea. My guess was Areola covers ... you know for those cold days.

The Infamous Burrito Truck -- I once drove behind a beat-up old Toyota pick-up that had a bed cover made of slat board. On the back of each slat written on the tailgate was (you'll never guess) ... a menu. A menu? Yes, a menu of various burritos sold out of the truck. And get this: the menu was written in Sharpe pen in rather messy handwriting. Now I would simply have to question anyone who would pony up to the truck bed to buy a burrito out of a cluttered and filthy truck bed. I think any menu written in Sharpe on dirty slats displayed on a beat-up truck might give you more than a burrito. Can we say food poisoning, too. BUT you have to give credit to the industrious entrepreneur for a weak try.

Little Doll House on Wheels -- Another super hilarious moments goes to the Oregonian family who created a makeshift "house" on wheels. I think this little house was actually meant to be a shed in one's backyard, but this family had put it on wheels, added some window dressing, and made it look like a doll house for camping. It was so funny looking that I couldn't help but laugh.

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