Monday, March 11, 2013

Michelle's Favorite Things...

You know, I think I will fancy myself a little "Orah-esque" this morning and blog about my favorite things except you all won't be pulling any cars from under your desks LOL. You might like some of my favorite things and pass it on and maybe even help the businesses, too.

Sacramento's Best Breakfast
Have you all been to Bernardo's downtown? In my house, Sunday morning isn't complete without a trek downtown to enjoy a Sunday morning bite of authentic buttermilk pancakes and red potatoes. My fiance says, it's a carb-lovers breakfast ... for sure. The buttermilk (they serve buckwheat, too) actually taste like real buttermilk was poured into the batter. I don't even pour syrup on them. I spread the provided butter and away I go. The potatoes are beyond tender and awesome, and I add Cholula sauce to it, which gives the potatoes the perfect vinegar zing! They have a diverse American menu loaded with breakfast goodies. I've been going to Bernardo's for about 15 years, and they know my entire family -- although my recent divorce and new man on my arm might have thrown their staff for a pretty good loop. Same family ... different man. They respectfully never asked a single question, which was appreciated.

Best Iced Tea on the Planet
The best iced tea on the planet also happens to be served at Bernardo's too. Their house iced tea has a fruity flavor of peachy fun. I do not sweeten my tea, and this tea is perfectly sweetened and natural with its tea blend. It's a smooth, fruity taste, and I have honestly never tasted better tea anywhere else. Thus, when I eat breakfast I don't drink their coffee. I order their iced tea in to-go cups (because I want to drink it on the road, too).

My favorite 3L author and book -- Scott D. Roberts and Vengeance is Now
Yes, yes, it's gratuitous for sure, but this book just knocked my literary socks off. First, Scott is a dear friend of mine who also works for 3L and coaches our numerous authors. He is a funny guy and makes me laugh all of the time. You can't beat someone whose sense of humor cracks you up. He comes from a screenwriting background and you would be surprised by how many famous shows he has script doctored episodes (which I can't share). I love his work. He is the best screenwriter I have come into contact with. I thought he would make a great novelist and had to do some prodding to get him to do it. Was I let down? No way! His debut novel, which I have gushed all about on this website, is absolutely, hands-down as good or better than any other thriller writers on the market. He has a very visual style and end caps each chapter masterfully. You will all have a chance to check out his genius very soon when the book goes into pre-release in the coming weeks. And even better for all you authors who want to work with 3L Publishing, Roberts does book coaching. He's a total sweetheart to work with. And it's a rare day when he can carve out time to work with authors. He does it for the love of helping others, so contact me if you want the opportunity to work with him at 916-300-8012.

My favorite dessert -- Chocolate Decadence - Elephant Bar
All right, I can't talk about my favorite things without mentioning chocolate. All I'm going to say is Chocolate Decadence at Elephant Bar -- warm, rich, yummy and smooth. Love, love, love it! You will, too.

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