Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What to Look for in a Great Book Coach

Many new writers need assistance and guidance on their books. A book coach is an ideal choice to help make your book idea a reality. Why would you invest in a book coach? Because you lose objectivity in your own work or you need guidance and expertise to produce a book worthy of publishing. What should you look for if you decide to seek assistance from a book coach?

Expertise, knowledge and skills -- your book coach cannot be some academic person who has only taught literature. The biggest complaint I had about English professors is that they were in the business of teaching something they never actually did. How can you teach or understand a process you've never done? Nothing is more meaningful and educational than the real thing. A coach should have not only the education but most importantly the experience. He or she should have written his or her own books or scripts. He or she should understand the process, and because he or she has done the process, he or she should have real insight to guide the author.

Personalized attention -- your book coach should devote personal time to talk to you and guide you. He or she should be available to answer your questions. At my company 3L Publishing, you're paying $95 an hour. What you're paying for is all of the knowledge, education and experience to help you. Your book coach should dig deep. He or she should go into the actual manuscript or script and be adept at making comments at the granular level and then be able to step back and provide guidance on the big picture (story).

What you do not want in a book coach:

What is a good saying? Cheap is as cheap does ... I've said that to authors before about seemingly inexpensive and cheap coaching services. If you find a coach willing to charge $100 to read and critique your work, expect $100 worth of service that might include a quick summary and analysis of your book. Will that help you? Probably not. What kind of guidance and down-and-dirty insight can a brief recap of your story and some analysis do? Not much. The difference with our coaching is that our coaches go right into the actual manuscript itself and provide the analysis right there on the page.

Do you want to write an award-winning book? Is your book on its way, but you're stuck and not sure how to move forward? Then it's time to contact us about our coaching services. All of our coaches are bonafide published authors. We know what we're talking about through years of hands-on experience. For more information, send an email to info@3LPublishing.com or call 916-300-8012.

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