Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Nonsensical Friday Rambling

THE dress :).
Friday is like the throw-away day when it comes to blogging. I can't be too serious -- it's Friday. I am actually sitting in my office with the coffee machine singing its siren song to me to come get another cup! Will she do it? Yes! Yes! More caffeine ;). Every morning here in publishing land consists of my favorite friend "Joe". In fact, Joe visits me more than my real boyfriend (just kidding). Yes, I am having a love affair with Joe. And here I am waxing on about my love of the cup. All you coffee drinkers out there totally get my point, I know it.

So, just to continue on my useless discussion let's move on to party dresses. Yep, guys you can go away now ... party dresses. I have several parties coming up, so what's a girl to do? Buy a new party dress. Now I have to plug White House Black Market. They sell what I like to call "sexy chic" at higher-end prices, but comparatively speaking not as expensive as most quality boutiques. I like their fashions -- the clothes are edgy, sexy and classy. My entire wardrobe consists of their clothes for both business and pleasure, and that includes my shoes. Now I do "interlope" with INC from Macy's, but INC can often go too far and too crazy with certain patterns. You will never beat a black dress no matter what you try. Black also gives you a lovely pallet to add colors. For example, I purchased this dress with purple shoes. You can't just wear purple shoes with anything. I love White House Black Market so much that I am going to buy my wedding dress from their New York store.

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  1. I will check out the web site, thanks. Now you need some Miche purses to go with your spicy looks. I will almost always take a dress in any other color than black just because it is the "classic" or maybe because I am dark. lol