Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tips to Effectively Manage Social Media

I know there are many other social media experts out there who have better information on the subject. But the tips I am going to provide come from hands-on experience and a marketing background. You might argue that my approaches and philosophies about it are not the best or the latest intelligence, but these techniques are learned from real-world experience. My Facebook page has over 3,000 connections all organically made without any effort on my part (well, no direct effort). You might wonder how those organic connections were made with only 200 "friends" to start. Well, this is where the real-world marketing and public relations experience comes into play. If you would like to build up your social media, follow my tips. If you don't like my tips ... don't follow them LOL. It's sort'a simple that way.

General marketing and public relations = increased visibility and awareness

How do you create a personal or business brand unless people know you exist. You have to promote your company, product or self image. How do you promote? You do publicity and get your name out into the public eye. You do public relations. You release a press release to promote your brand. People see the name. They "friend" the name. They "follow" the name. This applies to products and services, too. Just maintain a consistent brand and image so you can be easily found.

Daily "sharing" = increased presence on the daily news feed

If you use social media and do not share or participate in the community, your "stock" goes down. What that means is that you are not staying at the top of the Facebook news feed. The more you post, the more often you get ranked higher in the feed. The more often you show up in the news feed, the more attention you get. The more attention you get, the more likely new "friends" are going to connect with you -- and hence, you grow your social media community.

Strong social media brand/image = greater notice and exposure

It's not enough to post mundane "coffee-drinking" stories. Be mindful of your social media brand and what it's saying to the public at large. While people might question my fun and playful profile picture(s), I am VERY calculated about that picture. My company does NOT offer a staid and boring corporate experience. I left corporate America to live life my way. I work with people I like. I don't want to be boring and corporate -- and if authors want a boring and corporate publisher, my picture firmly says, "I'm not your gal!" and that is fine by me.

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