Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get Your Kicks on Rte. 66 ... Facebook ;)

My fiancé Kirk Donnelly is new to the publishing world and the business of promotion. So he constantly marvels over the details of it all. Every now and then he makes observations that makes me chuckle. Well, yesterday was my "forever 35th birthday," and I received some 200+ birthday comments and well wishes on Facebook. He looks at all of the cards and best wishes, and says, "You just get all your thrills on social media." I started laughing. Then he says, "Why don't you post your book information and sell it via Facebook?" to which I didn't laugh and said I had done so. Then I thought, "Wow! I wish all of my followers had bought a copy of California Girl Chronicles." I could have sold 3,000 + copies on social media alone.

I am still learning the magic of social media for sure. It is definitely an important marketing and promotional tools, but the trick is to understand how to properly leverage the connections and "likes" and convert those into real sales. We are about to invest in a social media campaign to get more likes for the Vengeance is Now fan page. As I learn more about leveraging the marketing opportunities for this well-written new thriller, I will share with you. It's one thing to get lots of "likes," but it's quite another to convert "likes" into real sales. We will definitely try many marketing tricks, including take the book campaign on the road in mid-spring with a banner for the book and my company, 3L Publishing, plastered on the side of an RV. In my mind, this approach will be the grand experiment to see what happens when you put the "face time" in and sell a book at "sea level" right to your audience. Our first destination is the RT Book Lovers Convention being held in Kansas City ... stay tuned.

P.S. become a fan of Vengeance is Now by going to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vengeance-is-Now/518227641524282?fref=ts).

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