Thursday, May 26, 2011

You are Responsible for the Energy Your Bring in the Room

I watched Oprah's farewell show. And I loved what she said she put on her makeup room wall: You are responsible for the energy you bring in the room. I loved that statement and so true. Have you ever noticed how certain people can bring you down? They bring this negative haze around them much like Pig Pen's dusty cloud that blew up around him at all times. If you find that your fantastic mood takes a sudden shift with the very presence of another human being, take a good hard look at what that person "brings" and then really consider whether you want that energy along for the ride. You do have power over those you allow into what I call the "inner circle." If you don't want that negative vibe, don't invite it. We all are great balls of energy. We're vibrating electric wonders. Take "charge" over your energy vibe. Keep your energy positive, powerful and wonderful. Don't allow negative naysayers whose bolt of negativity only zaps your energy. You will find a powerful shift in your life when you keep watch over whose energy you let in your space.

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