Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Bad Boss?

We recently conducted a survey for the author Nancy L Clark, who wrote 18 Holes for Leadership. In the survey, we explored the question of whether or not a bad boss or weak manager could drive out competent employees even with the Great Recession in progress. The results were staggering -- 88.4 percent of professional polled said, "Yes" they would leave regardless of the recession. What does that say about the negative and detrimental impact a bad manager can have on his or her department? Symptom of a weak leadership could be high turnover in a single department while the rest of the company is stable. Another indicator might be turnover of long-term, competent staff that suddenly and possibly unexpectedly quit the company. As someone who has had experience with poor leadership, I would say "yes" to that question. And when it did come down to leaving without a clear-cut plan, I can emphatically say that I did. It only shows that misery doesn't love "company." With high turnover costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollar, executive cannot afford to ignore the problem or think it will magically cure itself. If you have a clear issue with leadership, it's time to dig deep, get your tool kit out, maybe bring in an executive coach, and make some changes. You can use books like 18 Holes for Leadership to glean some ideas and help you make some necessary and rapid changes. Because in the end, if you don't do anything about it, you stand to lose not only people, but resources and monetary capital. To purchase a copy of 18 Holes, visit the 3L website and purchase under books in the main menu or visit Amazon.

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