Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bang Your Head Against this Wall

Want to know the fastest, easiest way to frustrate yourself if you're a manager? Try to change one of your staff or team members. Go ahead! Knock yourself out. When you're working with a team, here is a tip. Get to know them. Understand them. Find out what motivates them. And then stick to that side of the fence. Trying to force someone to conform to your demands is a flop waiting to happen. Trust me when I say this, and it can go toward a relationship with anyone. We either accept those we work with and for, or we will constantly chafe and be frustrated. As one leader I know said, "We are who we are." I've run into this, and the one thing I have discovered though that is important. If someone has very poor or weak work habits and it's hurting the organization, trying to train, change or retrain is a waste of time. If you can't live with it, fire it. And while that may sound simplistic, it's really the gritty truth.

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