Friday, May 6, 2011

The Non-Stop Party-a-thon

Whatever happened to being invited to parties by friends or people you actually know? Do you know how many events, luncheons, dinners, wine tastings, networking, jewelry, cosmetics and every party known to mankind I'm invited to per hour (not day) via Facebook? This whole "click-all" mentality when throwing an event for something like "young singles" or "divorced dads of two" drives me utterly crazy, especially from a marketing perspective. First, while I want to build up my Facebook community, I don't want to become part of the "missed-the-target-not-even-close" brigade that sends out mass invites to everyone including Joe and his monkey to events like "I hate all the Joes in the world, especially those who owns monkeys." An invite to Joe to this event is not only offensive but it guarantees Joe will write a nasty letter to the "monkey-hating" crowd. My only point (and this is aimed at my Facebook community) is don't invite "all" just because you're too lazy or overwhelmed to carefully look through your invitees and select those who might really want to attend your event. An event for men, should exclude women; an event for singles should exclude marrieds; and the list goes on and on. What is happening is Facebook is become a spammers paradise because everyone and their cousins, aunts and uncles is inviting you to their never-ending events. And the events aren't even of interest to you. It's akin to sending Viagra spam to women. I'm just saying.

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