Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips to for Publishing Marketable Books

Sometimes we just want to write the book we want to write, damn it! It's my story, I'll write it if I want to. You can, of course, write whatever you like, but just don't assume a publisher will want to publish it. So many things go into selling that first manuscript, and the first thing you should do is find out whether or not your idea is wanted or needed. Research the marketplace. Do some searches on Amazon. If you do find a similar book, is it selling? Look at it's Amazon ranking. If it's up in the millions chances are people are not particularly interested in that subject matter. If you want to work with a particular publisher, look at what they publish. If you want to sell a book on hunting deer, going to sell your book to a Vegan publisher is a bad idea. Now while I'm kidding here, you get the point. Also, do look at that publisher's products. You are always in the driver's seat so you should not desperately accept whatever offer comes your way. Order one of their books. How's the quality? If you're going to self-publish, do the same. One thing about 3L Publishing is that all of our products are high-quality and held to those standards -- both for the exterior and interior. We are proud of our bragging point that we have a near-perfect five star rating on all 3L books. When you go to publish, look at their products with the same scrutiny -- whether self-publishing or traditional publishing. You want to feel proud of your final product. Nothing is worse than getting your book and wanting to hide it under your shirt and put it in the closet to gather dust bunnies.

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