Monday, May 2, 2011

It's a Good Sign When ... Your Book Shelf Won't Fit Your Products

My desk started getting crowded. I always tried to put our 3L books next to my computer so I could remind myself about the various titles (another good sign of prosperity), and then I ran out of room. I split them up on another shelf. And then they outgrew that shelf. So, I put them on another shelf (displayed). Our second anniversary is July. I am very proud of the work my team has put in on the creation of these works of literature. And we added last week, the fun, hilarious and entertaining Mr. Date Night. It features the author's beautiful music, introducing our first book with music included. If you're single, I highly recommend you purchase a copy today on our website or Amazon. It is the "recipe for a perfect dinner date." Farley is a gifted musician, so if you just need something romantic for an anniversary or date in general, your wish will be filled with this one. And now Mr. Date Night bookends our incredible catalog. I am one proud publisher!

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