Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun with Michelle and Cindy

Cindy is my fun friend who livens up my networking. Cindy is also 3L Publishing's financial planner who taught me the fine art of saying "Boo" when someone says something stupid, lame or negative. Let me give you an example. If you're at a networking event and someone's boyfriend or husband sticks their hand down your pants and can't keep their hands out of your top ... BOO. See how that goes. Another great example. Someone stops by your display table and asks you, "How much is the average cost of book production?" And you tell them your price and they say with disdain, "Oh! I don't want to spend that much!" And then they go to the head of the room and advise everyone to hold your value ... BOO! Oh, now you're catching on, right? A guy at a business function gets drunk and threatens to "spit" on you from a window overlooking the party ... BOO. All right now you're hanging with the program. I'm sure many of you right now are nodding with complete understanding of what moments require a resounding BOO. You see Cindy taught me well. And better yet, Cindy is doing really great things with my money at Mass Mutual. And that Friend-Os doesn't deserve anything but a YAYE!

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