Thursday, May 12, 2011

TMI on Social Media

When is too much information (known in text-land as TMI), well, too much on social media? When I'm out speaking about marketing and social media, I've delved into this subject quite a bit. First and foremost realize that social media today is being used by employers to find out more about you. It is also being used by your current employers to find out what you're doing. Posting that you're using your sick day to go the Lady Gaga Concert isn't a good idea if your co-workers are followers -- and most especially a bad idea if your supervisor is too. Many social media users misjudge or miscalculate the value and importance of this new media. The knife can slice two ways -- both in a positive or negative direction. While posting your "wins" in business makes a great impression on some, it can also be construed by the "haters" (the word I love for people who can find negative in just about anything) as bragging or arrogance. The same goes for personal information. While you maybe excited about your upcoming frat party where you intend to drink yourself under the table, prospective employers could take that to mean you're an alcoholic or any other such idea idea that makes you look bad. So, you have to weigh out the potential fallout. And as for the first example of posting "wins" on your page, just know there is always someone who can read your excitement and passion over your success as something other than what it is -- excitement and passion. I've faced this problem a few times with people who I thought should know better. I get excited about a lot of things. I absolutely love what we do at 3L Publishing, but every once in awhile, someone will misread it as something that falls into the "hater" bucket. This negative response, however, isn't going to stop me from posting that information. I joked with Malia the other day that I don't know what folks like this want. Should we post on Facebook that our company sucks?! Would that make the haters feel better? My response to this sort of thing, ignore it, don't take it in, and keep going, because the majority of folks will be happy for your wins. As for TMI on the personal front, I error on the side of maintaining my privacy.

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