Saturday, May 14, 2011


On the more entertaining side of life, I feel compelled to provide some unsolicited advice to business networkers who put their love life out on display ... in front of the room. Our favorite friend Margo recently nudged me at an event and had this look on her face. Someone was speaking so I couldn't hear why she was wincing so bad. Finally, Margo gets me alone and tells me our PDA-loving couple is getting way too amorous under the table. We're talking hands in the absolutely most inappropriate places. Now, here is the deal. You're out on a date and you want to get affectionate, just don't go too far and get cited for acts of lewd and lascivious behavior; but if you're at a business function, I think the hands need to be kept in check. First, can we say inappropriate in all caps? INAPPROPRIATE ... there I said it. And second, your hand action and constant kissing is making the entire people around you uncomfortable. Let me ask you the most important question of the day. Do you think that we want to do business with the Playboy Channel? Um ... let's just say I once had an offer to do business with the Playboy Channel, and I said, "No." No, always means no. 

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