Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Only My Opinion: Skinny Bitch

I've decided that I'm going to start a segment of this blog dedicated to all things we are not allowed to openly say or express for fear of being flogged by the politically correct crowd for thinking outside of the proverbial box of public opinion. So, I'm going to start my first rant about over-weight people who when you listen to them talk privately scorn those who have not gained weight. I once heard a woman who was upset with her husband for flirting with another gal say with complete and utter disdain, "And can you believe it! The bitch was thin!" as if being thin was the far worse crime. Since when did being thin turn into something to look at with such utter scorn? I mean think about it. If we were to stand around and openly say, "And can you believe it! The bitch was fat!" and how well that would go over in the world of political correctness where we're not even allowed to say the word "obese" much less the word fat. Now I'm not mocking people with weight issues. I'm only pointing out that that just because thin is more socially and culturally acceptable (at this time in our society) doesn't mean you have open season to be nasty about it. And the other equally disturbing thing is that if you're too thin and maybe even having some kind of health crisis, other women think nothing of openly saying, "You look anorexic." OK, once again, I must point to the obvious that if I were to stand there and say, "You look fat," how socially unacceptable that is. And since I have been on the end of having had a health issue that precipitated a weight-loss problem and having had people openly say that to my face, I think I can freely say I know what I'm talking about. So, if the column has made you stop and think for a moment about the hypocrisy, great! I hope so. Because I'm going to keep posting what most people won't say aloud, but it should be said. Happy Tuesday!

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