Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A River Runs Through My Blog ...

or a stream :). Actually, I got a little jealous yesterday when I was looking at some popular blog spots that had lots of visuals and pictures. For the record, you can't just grab people's pictures and post them to your site. It got me to thinking about blogs, though, and how I needed to make mine more interesting to look at. Hence the stream picture from my weekend adventures; but here is the real deal on blogs. Some bloggers have huge followings. I've found with book promotions, don't under estimate the value of a really well-followed blogger. With the book, A Feast at the Beach, we've had several high-value bloggers review the book -- and the sales went crazy. A fabulous blog can offer a real sweet spot to create sales momentum for your products. And then I got to thinking that my following here in First Word land needs to ratchet up. I would love to create a bigger following to help promote our authors and what we're doing. So, if you're reading this and you do enjoy it, play it forward and let your friends know. And for those of you want-to-be bloggers, you should definitely be promoting your blog to your social-media following, which also behooves (I like that word) you to build up your social media followers. Facebook and Twitter are valuable marketing resources that are also free. So, leverage these media for other marketing tools -- like your blog or newsletter. BTW, here at 3L Publishing we also provide general marketing and PR services to businesses and not just authors. Contact us if you need help.

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