Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What do Core Business Values Mean to Your Success?

Are you a business owner? Are you thinking of starting a business? Or are you working for a company where they have an employee manual that describes what are referred to as core business values? If you do not have them or you don't understand them, then here is a quick study on why it's important to not only know what they are, but also write them down and make sure your staff knows. Core business values in many respects are your own values -- except they apply to your business model. We all have some kind of values whether we recognize them or not, and some of you have set the bar on some rather low values (but I digress). At 3L Publishing, here are our core business values and why we have them (this will help clarify).

We put a premium on customer service. We believe that you provide not just good customer services but great, memorable service. Why does this matter? Happy, satisfied clients not only return for more business, but also tell friends and associates about their experiences. Word of mouth can make or break a company. You don't want word to spread you don't care about your customers, because the converse of what I just described will happen too.

Happy clients make for great overall relationships. By putting a premium on high-quality service, you also build strong relationships and create happy ones. Happy clients are easier to work with. You create a genuine positive atmosphere. Everyone gets along well.

We only work with people we like. Most people don't have this luxury. Our core value is to create a positive atmosphere. By working with only people we like, we build that corporate culture we want to work within -- and of course, the converse is true too.

We value integrity, honesty and a high work ethic. We lead by example, don't we. If we want to be treated honestly, fairly and with respect, we have to treat clients that way. What we put out there is reflected back to us. So, we go that extra mile to ensure we operate with honesty. We honor our integrity. We treat clients with fairness. Again, this attitude is then mirrored back to us. You see how this affects overall business?

And while we have a strong work ethic, we value our family time. We work together fairly to ensure that work is work; play is play. We create appropriate boundaries between the two. Yet when the company is working like a perfect wheel with the spokes in support, we can all enjoy a balanced and harmonious work environment. Where one person doesn't shoulder everything while the others play or vice-versa. When the inequity is created the wheel gets out of alignment. So, we work hard to maintain a balanced and harmonious corporate culture. And thus, morale stays high. Staff are happy. Clients get the results of happy morale and the converse, again, goes into affect.

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