Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is your entertainment for Valentine's Day. So, I am married -- let's just put that out there first. I'm pretty sure many of you who know me or recognize my name realize a hyphenated name generally means marriage too. Well, Facebook seems to be -- for some people -- a valuable tool not for marketing but for trolling ... for women ... or I suppose men too. I recently got a letter from an interested male commenting on my appearance and then proceeding to describe himself as my prospective suitor. Part of the description involved a reference to (wait for it) ... "good hygiene." I was rather amused that apparently these days "good hygiene" is somebody's version of a great way to describe his or her attributes as attractive. This reference to this ability to keep his body clean about had me on the floor LMAO. Since when did the ability to use soap and water become a lure for the opposite sex? I assume that at least 80 percent of those who live in the U.S. practice good hygiene -- at least I hope so. If this is what online dating consists of; all I can say is, "Thank God I'm married!" And as such, here are the flowers I found in my office today! Happy Valentine's Day!

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