Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing the Right Thing isn't Easy

The last few weeks have been a challenge. The transition of the company during a growth spurt wasn't exactly a picnic. I've been juggling transitional issues along with continuing to ensure my clients receive seamless service. And all during this transitional phase, a common theme emerged -- integrity. A wake of hurt client relationships was left in my care. The easy thing would have been to ignore it. I have a huge sales month ahead of me. Why should I go back and mop up a mess left behind by someone else. Not my responsibility. I didn't damage the relationships, right? Well, here is the thing Friend-Os. It's my company. It's my brand. And whether I was the one who made the mess was not relevant. What was relevant was that I be the one as the CEO and president of my company and its leader to return to the scene of the crime and make restitution to those hurt by it. That is called integrity. Integrity means you step up and do the right thing. And doing the right thing meant giving back to those who felt taken from. Again, not easy. It will mean thousands of billable hours lost; but in the end it restored relationships. It restored faith. It created goodwill. And from the ashes rose new opportunities. Because those who felt wronged now felt differently. New project opportunities came from it. So while sometimes doing the hard thing looks, well, hard, it is really about doing the right thing.

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