Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attack of the Killer Bad Breath

I network a lot. When someone steps into my space and starts talking right into my face -- and they have horrible breath ... awful! Just remember when you're out meeting new people that they have comfort space they keep around their bodies -- especially when they don't know you. This woman just insisted on talking within inches of my face. I kept stepping backward, and it didn't matter. She stepped forward. Soon I was playing a two-step game to get her to back off. She was utterly clueless and every move I made to back away, she moved to "catch" me. Her breath was beyond disgusting. Now I am sympathetic to her breath problem. God knows I drink my fair share of coffee and have my moments; but if someone keeps stepping away from you then (a) you are doing something to invade their comfort zone or (b) your oral history is in question -- and either answer doesn't matter. Just remember to respect another person's comfortable space zone which is roughly three- to four-feet away, and you will avoid doing the "two step," and having them secretly wish you would go brush AND get away.

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