Friday, February 25, 2011

The Most Ridiculous Questions I Get Asked

It's Friday and I've decided not to be super serious (not that yesterday's blog could be categorized as "mature in nature"). But I network a lot and sometimes I get asked the most ridiculous or plain-as-the-nose-on-your face questions. Here are just a few to keep you smiling.

"Are you an avid reader?" -- this question always comes during a business meeting. I've now been asked it a handful times -- and certainly enough times to merit a mention on the blog. OK Fred, yes I am an avid reader. And here is a very good wager we could make: I bet I read more than anyone I know. Really? Really Fred? Really? Did you just ask a publisher and editor that question? Here is a question for you: How high is your IQ?

"Do you want to take a class on writing?" -- I've been asked this one at least a half-dozen times while working in my booth. What really just cracks me up, is this question typically comes from some person who asks just as she is touching, picking up, or glancing through a book that sometimes even has my name on it. Again, really? Really Suzanne? Really?

"Do you like what you do?" -- Another common question. Do I like what I do? Let me ponder this one ... hmm ... um no! I totally hate it. Of course, I like what I do. Let's get real! I'm not in some dark coal mine or something am I? I am doing something most people only dream about doing. Yet another silly question. Maybe I'll thrown them off next time and really say, "No, absolutely not."

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