Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smells Like ... Victory!

OK, I might be in shock and awe or just awe and shock -- either one works. In the last few weeks, I think the recession officially ended here in the 3L country. I have literally been picking up new projects daily. All of the marketing and PR momentum appears to be paying off. I even picked up prospective work on a Sunday afternoon if you can believe that one. At the rate we're going, we just made gross sales reflective of someone's middle-class income ... in one month. If this is any hint of what's to come, I must say it's utterly shocking and very, very cool. If I can impart any wisdom to you 3L watchers wondering what's the super-secret sauce, here it is: You must market and do public relations for your own company. All of the advice I give in my first book Smash: A Smart Girl's Guide to Practical Marketing and PR, should be followed to the letter. I don't live in a "do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do" world. I am all about the "say" and "do." You should be writing newsletters, blogging, networking, and promoting your company to the press. You should make your company and brand as visible as possible. And when you've done all of those neat tricks, repeat and repeat some more. It might take weeks, months or years, but it will pay off. And one more thing: throw in a healthy dose of passion and commitment. You will not fail -- no matter what ... even in the recession.

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