Saturday, February 12, 2011

Table Displays + Networking = Successful Event

My intrepid assistant, Madeleine Harner (L)
and yours truly (R).
Today I spent my morning and afternoon working the crowd at the Roseville Galleria. Here is the lesson with selling books. If you only have a book to sell, you won't really be able to make back your money unless, of course, you're John Grisham. We sold a healthy number of books; but the real value comes from the networking and connections. I must have met at least a half a dozen prospective authors more than just a little interested in our services at 3L Publishing. Part of the gig also allowed me to speak and while it was not a rocking, huge crowd, an intimate gathering sat down with me to discuss their projects and ask me questions. At least two authors from that gathering were more than a little interested in my company and services. And while one author already published her book, she wanted a publicist, so that was a winner too. My advice, always have more than just a single product to sell if you're going to purchase a display table. Better yet, have an agenda even if that perhaps includes networking and maybe seeking speaking engagements.

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