Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Queen/Bad Queen

I saw a request for information on bad bosses today on HARO. It got me to thinking. It would probably be fun to write a book on the subject of bad bosses, which I think the subject is being covered. Well, I have had my share of poor management and bad bosses over the years. Part of the reason I left corporate in 2006 had to do with a year spent with "Captain Crazy" where I thought working for a patient in an asylum look particularly attractive after dealing with this woman. So what constitutes a good/bad boss? (or in this metaphor "queen"). Here are some thoughts to at least make you chuckle.

The Queen of Play Time. The bad boss whose idea of management involves a Mai Tai and a Hawaiian beach somewhere while you hold down the fort is not a good boss. Someone who feels their play time is more important than your time, period, needs not run a company. The Queen of Play Time plays more than works. Then she gets stressed out when you actually expect her to help you. It's her company after all. Don't work for or with the Queen of Play Time.

The Queen of No Time. This particular your "heinous" is too busy to provide guidance and assistance to her staff. She barks orders if she gives them at all. She is also famous for one syllable emails where she is supposed to give you instructions on how she wants something done.

The Queen of Crazy. This boss is famous for the no-win situation. You're doomed no matter what you do, because crazy is crazy and lacks rationale thought. The Queen of Crazy tells human resources it's all your fault even when for the last 10 years you have a clean record and she just started with the company six months ago ... yeah, right about the time you started getting called into HR.

The Queen of Blameless. This particular ruler takes zero responsibility. She blames her staff for everything. Throws her staff under the horse-drawn carriage, and never has anything to do with anything that went wrong. She even continues her blameless defense when her entire staff has turned against her and gone to the other side. Even through all of that, she tells herself she had absolutely nothing to do with it. Management must have brainwashed her staff. She is truly a no-fault manager.

The Queen of Substance Abuse. This ruler is particularly scary because she uses "substances" on a regular basis and keeps a handy nip in the top drawer of her desk. This particular queen babe needs a serious reality check. Nipping on the job, arriving drunk to meetings, and acting rude or losing her ability to cognitively think certain things through because of altered states is pretty scary not to mention frustrating, because no one understand her orders through slurred words and inappropriate comments.

The Queen of Finger Pointing and Yelling. Another particularly fun queen to work for regularly points and shouts at her workers. Her idea of a morale boost involves a swift finger in the face and a good raised voice along with plenty of put-downs and a nice cutting comment on top.

And let me say, that if you work for anyone who behaves in those ways, run, get a new job, move on, and never look back.

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