Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Artfully Say "Boo"

So my financial advisor Cindy Fuzie skillfully taught me the art of how to say "boo" to provide the perfect reaction to either bad marketing and PR or networking behavior. The following are random acts of marketing or just "acts" that are "boo-worthy." And while reading this, you too can learn how to "artfully" say "boo" at the appropriate moment.

I'm a guy at a women's networking group and I say, "I came to Nevada because I divorced my wife. The old battle axe." -- Boo!

I decide that touching certain body parts at an inappropriate time is funny. -- Boo!

I have a wretched case of halitosis and decide to breathe in deeply and exhale quite strongly at a person I am trying to do business with. -- Boo!

I visit a table display and set my wine glass down right on top of the beautiful new book Daughter of the Caribbean -- and leave a nice purple ring on the book. -- Boo! (In this instance, "boo" applies to coffee cups, glasses of water and any container that holds liquid that when potentially spilled could destroy paper-based products aka books.)

I also decide to touch and touch some more all of the books on the table, bend them, and press them -- and not buy a single one. -- Boo!

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