Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch Out for the Lemer Poop!

I always find where there is smoke there is a whole, heaping pile of flaming Lemer poop. Even when I worked corporate, I ran into this problem time and time and again. If you have small poop trails or even minor poop smudges that a problem is stinking up your company or a staff member is acting up, chances are it's a lot worse than you ever suspected. I used to encounter animals gone wild when one of my staff members would quit, well, leave because their performance was subpar. Well, once said employee exited the side door to unemployment, and I started reviewing the work left behind, I was usually in for a really ugly surprise. Sometimes a string of ugly surprises. Here is the lesson, if you start hearing even minor complaints about a person's work or performance, don't ignore it and work off good faith that all is well. I've made this mistake as just mentioned a number of times. I am a trusting person, so I always assume that when someone says they've done the job -- and most assuredly done the job right -- that they are being truthful. But if a client (or a string of clients) starts to rattle your cage with suggestions that maybe the Lemer has left the juggle, then perhaps it should be a notice to more than the Lemer Catcher that they need to go find the animal on the loose. In more direct words of caution, don't ignore the writing on the wall. Don't assume all is well. If one client complains about the crazy, little Lemer, just realize there maybe a lot more Lemer poop sitting behind the curtain. It is in your best interest to find out sooner than later if the Lemer has smeared the poop too. Lemers can be messing, little beasts -- and cleaning the cage can be a really gross job.

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