Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Writers Who Mean Business

Are you a writer in the greater Sacramento area? I run a monthly writers' group titled Writers Who Mean Business. I wanted to blog about the group today. We have a meeting tonight that starts at 7pm at the Raley's on San Juan. I like to educate writers not just about craft, which is truly only 50 percent of the effort. The other 50 percent is the business side. Many writers are artists. They don't understand or "want" to understand that to publish a book requires a concerted business effort that involves public relations and marketing. The inner artist in them gets a little befuddled and offended to focus on business. The reality is that publishing is a business, period. It is a fun business, and I'm passionate about it; but it requires a business head. I started my writers' group to promote the business aspects of writing and help writers navigate the publishing world, which is diverse. If you would like to attend a meeting, it's free. All writers are welcome.

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