Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quit Waiting and Start Doing

Do you ever feel like all you ever do is wait for things to happen? Wait for your life to change. Wait for your personal or professional life to fall into place. This last year, I feel like all I keep doing is waiting and waiting for change. I keep waiting for my business 3L Publishing to go to the next level of success.  I keep waiting for my lover to be with me. I keep waiting and waiting. The frustration mounting each day as only trickles of success happen. It's time to stop waiting and start doing! Change is about taking action and making changes not waiting, wondering and hoping. In my book Second Bloom, I emphasize the need to take action. Action is the cornerstone to success.

Establish your vision! What is your vision? Do you know? Stop and really visualize it. Meditate on that vision. You have to first know what you're heading toward (both personally and professionally).

Vision #1: To exceed my gross income and make first $10K a month followed by incremental increases until it's a solid $20K a month. To create high-quality products that consistently improve and sell in the marketplace. To grow the company solidly by 20-30 percent annually. To be fiscally conservative and reinvest in the company so it can grow and prosper -- and the entire staff is fulfilled, appreciated, valued and earns a great income.

Vision #2: To create a true, loving partnership with my lover where communication is honest, consistent and ongoing -- and to never allow my personal boundaries to be violated. To not be taken advantage of or taken for granted but to be loved wholly and completely and give love wholly and completely. To give and receive in a balanced, loving way. And create a successful, loving family.

To achieve these visions, you must take steps and take actions to make it happen.

Step 1: Set Goals
Step 2: Work toward those goals even if its in baby steps
Step 3: Work those goals daily

Making and keeping goals will propel you forward. Creating your vision(s) and then working toward them through positive, thoughtful actions will bring about change. Each day, I will work toward my two visions. And I will keep you posted on the results.

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