Friday, August 9, 2013

Quality Inn, South Lake Tahoe -- Bad! Bad! Bad!

When your room sucks, leave! We ended
up playing games at Squaw Valley.
Let me qualify my little review of this grimy hotel. First, I do believe you get what you pay for. However, if I pay $60 then I feel I invited a fleabag hotel experience. If I pay $110 my feelings change in proportion to the dollars invested. Most hotels that charge over $100 usually offer a decent experience. I (unfortunately) booked my room at the Quality Inn on south shore Lake Tahoe (3838 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe) via (which is not good because they don't have a good cancellation policy). The exterior looked fine, and the rooms appeared nice. Upon arrival, I was still satisfied. The exterior looked good. The lobby was nice with a granite fireplace. All good.

Then we went to our room. Uh-oh! The rooms were not remodeled or updated and the wallpaper looked circa 1980. Dated wallpaper isn't a problem unless it's smudged in dirt. Okay, and then the bedspreads were also dingy and looked updated maybe 15 years ago. Okay we're in the '90's at least. Not too thrilled with my room, I decided to take my daughter for a swim and visit in the hot tub. We head outside game to enjoy some relaxation ... but now the word "uh-ho" applies again. The hot tub looked like a cesspool with chips and gashes in the walls with an ancient jet pump that gurgles and gasps on its last engine. Okay, let's swim ... um no not that either. The water line of the pool has left behind what looks like dirt and grime from the occupants and no cleaning efforts. All right, we're going to abandon the swimming efforts and head back inside. After many jokes about the potential for bed bugs, we go to sleep.

The next day we wake up and decide it's time for a shower. After careful study of the hot/cold situation, we attempt to turn the shower on to hot water. Well, okay here we go again "uh-oh" ... no hot water. Wait. Wait. Wait. Twist, turn, and struggle -- no hot water. Upon realizing that my three-day stay would involve no showers, my frustration and disgust piqued. The bad news: it was booked through (third-party vendor) and now my hope of a refund is fading. Maybe if the Quality Inn reads my scathing review, they will realize the error of their ways, disenfranchise these owners (LOL) and give me my money back!

One note: And this is for my mother (who reads this blog). "Don't they know you have a blog?" LOL ... aptly put! Aptly put!

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