Friday, August 30, 2013

The Journey, The Lesson and Getting it Right

I like to inspire others. Life is a journey loaded with lessons. If we don't learn the lessons, we get to repeat them until we learn. So many people don't understand that basic concept, and I have certainly fouled up enough to express understanding. I am writing this blog today though to say to others that the journey is beautiful even when it's wrought with challenge and sometimes pain. But you have to sit back and figure it out: am I going to repeat the same mistake over and over again or am I going to learn, reflect and change course?

In a sense this is also a love letter to the man that I have compromised my own value system and repeatedly made the same mistake -- always with the same outcome. Love is not enough. And sometimes you have to sit back and realize that doing the same thing over and over again will always give you the same outcome. So today I did something painful. I decided to change the outcome.

Doing what I had done over and over again; forgiving the mistakes that maybe I should have held a stronger line on; repeatedly accepting the unacceptable; allowing myself to be treated as less than ... these are things that repeating and doing over and over got me nothing but compromise of who I am in this world and a whole lot of tears.

So, it's time to stand up straight. What do they say, straighten up and fly right? It's time to fly right. Even though the choice to stand on my own and eschew compromises that don't serve me is hard; it is the beginning of making different choices that will, in fact, produce different outcomes. Is it easy to change? No, it's hard and it means making a huge sacrifice. I might not get what my heart truly wants ... or maybe I will! Maybe in making the necessary change to produce a different outcome, I will receive the necessary change to indeed get what my heart wants. No, it will not be easy as I go through the process, but the road more traveled is the best road indeed. And I hope this message inspires others. Esteem yourself, quit repeating the same ole same ole; and find a new pathway to love, success and happiness.

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