Monday, August 19, 2013

True Blood -- Season 6 Finale

Spoiler alert: some people hate spoilers so don't read this if you haven't seen the True Blood Season 6 Finale. Now I don't usually write spoilers, but hey! They made my favorite character Eric Northman catch fire in Sweden while he sunbathed. Many of you maybe wondering if he really died or not since we didn't actually see his demise into a pile of goo. I'm thinking our show's writers kept that window of possibility open that they did not kill off this immensely popular character played by the sexy Alexander Skarsgård.

As for the rest of the finale ... sorry fan boys and girls! Ugh, it was absolutely terrible. The six-month later shift felt wrong. It was more like what? What? And what? Sookie and Alcide? Really? When did that happen again? And I thought Eric had glamoured Alcide (season 5) into zero romantic interest in Sookie. Now Sam is mayor and Arlene owns Merlotts? What? Huh? And the most important question, why? Oh, and now we have a rapidly spreading Hep V virus. It has mutated, and now we're onto vampire zombies killing people in small towns ... huh?

True Blood couldn't have deviated so far off course if Alan Ball had remained in charge as head writer. I was already surprised by the show's tone this season. It had a palpable shift. It became more focused on action and treachery and magic than it did anything else. The show always had a personal tone and was more relationship-oriented in the past. As we got into Season 5 and then 6, it broadened. The stories also seemed to stay in the same place -- first at the Vampire Authority (prison) and then the vampire concentration camp. Keeping the vampires stagnant in one place bogged it down. And the other major error this season took its center character Sookie and made her no more important than say Jessica.

So in the end, my fierce passion for the show waned -- and with the apparent demise of my favorite vampire Eric Northman I won't be a returning fan next season. Sorry guys! Put Alan Ball back in charge of the storytelling (the savant of storytelling) and fix the show fast! How about we make this season all a dream! Here we go: it's Bill's bad trip on Lilith's blood.

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