Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why All Business Owners Need a Book

Ever thought of writing or having someone ghost write a book to support your business? Did you know a book is better than a brochure? Here are reasons why a book is better for business to create opportunities than any other tool you can develop:

  • A book makes you an expert
  • Experts earn credibility
  • Experts get asked to speak in front of groups
  • Experts even get PAID to speak in front of groups
  • Experts get asked to speak to the media
  • Media exposure gives you and your business exposure
  • Experts can do back-of-the-room sales with their book AND make MORE money
  • Audience members who see you speak will ask to meet and do potential business
  • People who see you in the media will contact you for business
  • A book is part of your marketing platform
  • People throw away brochures; they do NOT throw away a book. In fact, they will pass on your book versus throw it away
Do you want to know about my company 3L Publishing's Business Book in a Box package deal? For a flat fee based on the size of your book (page count), we offer a package that includes:
  • Content development and/or editing and proofing
  • Cover and back-cover design
  • Interior guts design
  • E-book conversion to Nook, Kindle and iBook
  • A completed perfect-bound book to be sold individually or in book stores
For more information on our business custom publishing programs, please call 916-300-8012. 

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