Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Afternoon Musings

Decided to have some mindless fun and visited this place in the Palladio called Painted. I'm trying to decide if the painting looks good or like my 4th-grader painted it. I naturally don't care. It was really relaxing mindlessly painting it. For you wine lovers, Painted also serves a glass of wine with your artistic efforts. I don't drink very often so I didn't imbibe, but I did enjoy the relaxation. Apparently, few painters visit the studio on a Friday afternoon. I visited at lunch time. My companion in tow decided to stroll the Palladio and eventually draw ... out of boredom. I wasn't bored. I was happy and relaxed. I liked the distraction away from my daily stressors. Hobbies are like that -- they provide wonderful distractions. So while my "work of art" may be comparable to my 4th-grader's efforts, I'm still happy about it.

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