Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ridiculous Amount of "Buzz" About the Full Frontal on True Blood

Want to stir the media and fanfare for a show? Have a prominent and popular actor show his junk to America and beyond. Alexander Skarsgård aka Eric Northman on True Blood put it all out on display for the viewing public on the season finale. I have Google Alerts set to his name (I'm a fan), and bam! The press and fans went crazy. What is it about a guy showing off nature's blessing (yes, he's blessed), and we just can't stop talking about it. A woman shows her breasts. Who cares. A guy shows his junk, and here we go. Male nudity has always been this strange forbidden thing. We can look at naked women all we want -- and that's okay and business as usual. But a man shows us what's in the pants, and we just lose it. OMG! He's got a ... no! Penis! Who knew! Oh no wait! Did I say penis? The very word just causes an uproar. In other countries, nudity is no big deal. We come into the world in our birthday suits and guess what else? We leave this world in birthday suits. We all have bodies. We all have sex organs. Yet the shock and awe over seeing not a woman's body but a man's body just sends the Internet, media and fans into such a crazy reaction of fanfare it's just silly when you think about it. We're all adults here. We've all seen a naked man. Yet there is something highly forbidden about it. Well, at least in our Puritan-based nation there is. Get over it people! It's just a naked guy!

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