Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Morning Musings

It's Friday and time to go skipping through the long grass aka I am not serious. When I don't feel serious I don't want to be all vanilla and ramble about business. But alas one must stick to topic and write something at least remotely useful. I need to network more. If I networked more I would get more business, which equals BONUS. And the best part, my observations of human behavior would produce many amusing yarns to spin. Of course, my only goal is to make you laugh. The general population always produces humor. People watching is a great source of entertainment. So onward ... here is an entertaining reality. Do you know people will line up for free ice cream but if you give away free books  people will actually turn it down. Yes, it's true. Free ice cream works. Free books fails. Here is the truth about free. People assume that if something is free it must be junk (of course free ice cream couldn't be junk ... ice cream on a hot summer day is always good). If you think giving something away will help your cause I have generally found it doesn't help. Now ONE free giveaway can cause a stir. If I give ONE book away for free, people get excited. They compete over the one free thing. If that ice cream van had given out just one free ice cream the owners would have caused a riot. P.S., the ice cream was Ben & Jerry's so in all fairness. I mean I could compete over a good carton of Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

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