Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is the Value of Education-Based Marketing

I had a very good question posed to me yesterday about marketing and the value of doing certain education-based marketing programs, such as blogs and newsletters. First things first, as a business owner I never advise clients to do anything I don't do. I blog, use social media, and write a weekly newsletter. In Heidi Sloss' insightful book Fortune is in the Follow-Up, she discusses the CEO's role in the company -- and that is to be the head visionary, marketer and sales person. She is right. In my opinion, the CEO should spend at least 50-70 percent of her time marketing and promoting the company. I think Heidi suggests we spend a higher percentage of our time doing marketing, but for realistic purposes, I'm going to say 50-70 percent. My client asked me about the value of her blog and newsletter. She felt she wasn't seeing direct and concrete return on investment (ROI). I gave her the answer I give everyone and it's twofold and goes like this:

Education-based marketing is the only way to market (in my opinion), and the value and return on investment comes for INCREASED INVISIBILITY and EXPOSURE of your brand to your audience. When you combine your education-based techniques with your social media (that you should have grown through what? Exposure to your name and brand), your name and brand become familiar to your audience. Your audience grows accustomed to your business and what you do. Your audience may not need your product today, but perhaps sometime in the future they will need it OR a friend they know will need it. What happens? They think of your brand and name -- and the important word of mouth spreads your brand out even further. Can you concretely measure that result? It's not that easy. Someone calls or queries you, you can ask them, "Where did you hear about us?" Want to know what they will say nine times out of 10? "Someone I met in Rocklin mentioned you." Who? They don't remember or they mention a name we don't know. Did that person learn about my company through my marketing campaign? Probably. Can I quantify the result as: it came from my blog or it came from my newsletter or it came from my social media? No. But here is the kicker, without those activities Joe from Rocklin might never have heard of my company in the first place -- ROI.

Is it time for you to invest in education-based marketing? Yes, absolutely! Again, I don't recommend any activities I don't do for my own company that I know work. Do you have a newsletter or blog you need someone to brand, create and write content? Contact us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to

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